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Submissions and Correspondence

31 Jan 2019

BMCSF calls upon candidates in the NSW election to support an allocation of funds to make the Great Western Highway at Faulconbridge safe for all vulnerable road users.

This correspondence and brief was prepared by the Blue Mountains Cycling Safety Forum (BMCSF) for the Minister for Roads and Minister for Western Sydney. It brings to the Ministers' attention the safety hazard for cyclists arising from the absence of road shoulders on the GWH at Faulconbridge.

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Blue Mountains City Council - GWH Linden to Faulconbridge Road Safety Audit

The Road Safety Audit ('RSA') was carried out in accordance with the RTA’s (1995) Road Safety Audits Manuals  and Austroads Road Safety Audit Guidelines (2009). It encompasses all aspects of the road environment, including roadside and road related areas, existing physical and design components, as well as road user behaviour and impacts on various road users in relation to the whole road environment. The RSA  identifies Road Safety hazards for road users. For further information see: 


Download BMCC Road Safety Audit

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