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Time for Penrith City Council to engage with the River to Mountains concept plan.

Some good coverage in the Western Weekender. Stuart Ayres agrees, this is a great project for the residents of Penrith, Leonay and Emu plains to get behind too. The BMCSF believes that the proposed link cycle/ walking trail in the concept plan from Tench Reserve Coffee Club to Glenbrook via open green space public land corridors (including Leonay Reserve) will be a pleasant, traffic free and quicker complement to the existing shared path (currently being extended by Penrith Council) along the busy GWH through Emu Plains to the Knapsack Creek Via duct. The green space corridor proposed route has one road crossing at Leonay Pde (Leonay Oval entrance) compared to the existing shared path along the GWH - which has around 12 - including the traffic lights at Russell Street. We think most cyclists and River Walkers would prefer the open green space route, especially in the company of friends.

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