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TfNSW engaging the Cycling Community Early in the Design Phase of Upper Mountains Cycleway

TfNSW invited the BMCSF to walk and talk through its early stage planning of the design of a new separate cycleway from Katoomba to Blackheath. TfNSW are keen to get sense of what users value to help guide the design of its large civil works project. TfNSW have told the BMCSF they are committed to building quality infrastructure with sealed 3 metre shared paths and ridable gradients for cyclists of average fitness and ability between Rowan Lane and Blackheath. This project is in its early stages, but TfNSW intend that this asset will provide a serious active transport alternative for upper mountains residents. They also intend it to be great place to cycle for recreational cyclists and tourists visiting the area because it will provide a scenic and safe off road link between Katoomba, Medlow Bath and Blackheath. Once the design is refined, there will be opportunities for more community feedback. The BMCSF is very supportive of this project and will work with the agency and the community to make it happen.

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