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NSW Government Announces $1.5M - to start planning studies for repurposing Glenbrook Tunnel

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The announcement last week of NSW Govt initial funding of $1.5M for investigative works to open the Glenbrook Tunnel for active transport and public recreation is a major milestone for the community campaign to repurpose this asset. The BMCSF congratulates Mayor Mark Greenhill for championing this project and Stuart Ayres MP for delivering the much needed funding to make this happen. A special acknowledgment to the hard work and campaigning efforts of Adam Podolski of the Open Glenbrook Tunnel Campaign. Without his vision and perseverance, this would not have happened. The BMCSF is proud to support the Open Glenbrook Tunnel Campaign and will continue to work with the Mayor and the State Government to deliver this popular project for the community.

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