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BMCSF Submission for Knapsack and Lapstone Draft Plans of Management

Updated: Feb 20, 2022



Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) manage Knapsack and Lapstone Crown Reserves. The NSW Government has directed all Councils, including BMCC, to submit new Plans of Management (PoM) for Crown Reserves under council management. PoMs define the activities which are lawful in a Crown Reserve and what types of development will be permissible in the future to support the lawful use of the reserve.

BMCC have just completed a public exhibition of the Knapsack and Lapstone draft PoMs. The BMCSF made a submission to the Council because we did not think the PoMs took into account how they will integrate with the new network of cycle-paths and rail heritage trials once the Glenbrook/ Lapstone Tunnel Reserve remediation and activation works are complete.

The BMCSF submission makes the following recommendations


It is recommended that the expressed incorporation of the objects, actions and opportunities in the BMCSF Mountains to River Cycling and Rail heritage trail concept plan, Scenic Eastern Escarpment Plan (BMCC), Open Space Outdoor Recreation Plan (BMCC) and Destination Management Plan (BMCC) be captured and fully explored in both PoMs as part of a vision statement, reflected in the land use identification areas required by section 36 of the Local Government Act and also the permissible activities and future development parts of the plans.

It is further recommended that Council defer any adoption of the PoMs until the completion of a future site management plan for the Glenbrook Tunnel and its approaches and how that plan will integrate with the management of the neighbouring and connecting reserves to enable a seamless whole of area management with pathways for approving complementary activities.

The BMCSF supports the submission of Western Sydney Mountain Bike Club Inc. with respect to its comments and recommendations on the (i) inclusion of events, (ii) planned development of an expanded authorised trail network, (iii) need to adopt agreed principles around trail design and quality control and (iv) the surveying of currently unsanctioned trails to ascertain their suitability for being incorporated into the ‘sanctioned network’ within the Knapsack and Lapstone Reserves.


Further Reading:

The full submission inclusive of assumptions and evidence base can be downloaded below.

BMCSF - Submission to BMCC Knapsack and Lapstone POMS Feb 2022
Download PDF • 296KB

Copies of the Draft Plans of Management can be downloaded from clicking this link.

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