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  • David Tritton

BMCSF cannot support Metro Petroleum DA without substantial changes

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

The increased visitation or patronage levels arising from the development will just increase the risk unless Austroads compliant deceleration and acceleration lanes are formed and appropriate treatments are included as a condition of development to protect

vulnerable road users including a cycle lane, coloured pavement and signs giving priority to cyclists for vehicles entering or leaving the Metro. The proposed development does not propose creating fit for purpose slip lanes and appropriate road treatments to protect vulnerable road users. These road treatments are discussed in Part 3 of this submission in greater detail.

BMCSF Submission Re DA Makhouf Enterpris
Download • 9.35MB
Resubmitted Traffic Report 31 MArch 2021
Download • 3.18MB
Second BMCSF Submission 20-04-2021
Download PDF • 137KB

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