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Blue Mountains Council can do better for cycling: Council Elections - 4 Dec 2021.

The recently published Australian Cycling Economy 2021 Report found that cycling added $1.93 billion (equivalent to $235 per capita) in direct benefits to the NSW economy, 18,744 jobs with $347.4M attributed to cycling tourism. Local and state governments are investing in cycling infrastructure to improve liveability and economic growth. Sadly, cycling infrastructure is poorly developed in the Blue Mountains and our local Council could do much more to leverage the surge in cycling uptake in the community and availability of Commonwealth and State grant funding. Research has found that an investment of $1M in cycling infrastructure can generate around $8.4M in post construction economic benefit and 32 additional full time equivalent job and 49,000 additional visits to the area per year.

The BMCSF has asked candidates standing for election for the Blue Mountains City Council on 4 December to support three cycling projects in the Mountains:

  • Opening the Glenbrook Rail Tunnel for public recreation and secure grants to complete the lower mountains cycling and walking network

  • Develop a cycling and walking network across the Mountains connecting town centres and schools with defined stages over ten years

  • Identify and set aside suitable open space with relevant plans of management for off road trails to cater for all levels and abilities of mountain biking

We have had some good responses from some candidates already and look forward to publishing all responses soon. Our letter to candidates can be down loaded below

Letter to Candidates - 16 -11-21 - Final
Download PDF • 189KB

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