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Lawrence Thomas' Near Miss at the Armco rail West of the Metro Petroleum on the GWH at Faulconb

The BMCSF spoke to Lawrie at his home at Winmalee - this is his story:

One year ago (November 2016), my partner and I were cycling up to Wentworth Falls on the GWH. We were passing west on the [narrow] shoulder at Faulconbridge passed the Metro Petroleum on the blind corner where the Armco rail is when a car came up behind us screeching its brakes. The car came to a dead stop and just missed me. The driver did not see us enter the corner so they did not know what to expect. They had no-where to go to take evasive action as the right hand lane was occupied. I had no-where to go because I was jammed next to the Armco rail. Had the [driver’s] brakes not been working or had he failed to stop in time it could have been a very different outcome.

The issue [at Faulconbridge] needs to be addressed because … it is really dangerous area and many cyclists make that same point too.

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