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Roads Minister agrees to Meet with BMCSF

We are pleased that representatives for Melinda Pavey, the Minister for Roads, have agreed to meet with the BMCSF organising Committee for the Faulconbridge road shoulders campaign later this month.

Cyclists should not be forced to share high-speed lanes in a high traffic volume road. According to the RMS traffic counter at the heavy vehicle inspection area, there are on average over 28,000 vehicles that pass this section of the GWH in both east and west directions each day. Motorists who break down in the high-speed lane because there is no shoulder to take refuge are also vulnerable to becoming crash victims. The risk of harm and injury to cyclists and motorists can be reduced if the road environment is improved.

As Minister for Roads, we appreciate your intervention. And we look forward to hearing if you consider this section of the GWH to be a serious risk and if so, what actions will be taken to make this non-compliant road shoulder safe for vulnerable road users?

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