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Becoming a Member of the BMCSF 

One of the best ways you can support the work of the BMCSF is by becoming a member. Membership of the BMCSF earns you a 15% discount off the cost of  membership with Bicycle NSW. Membership with Bicycle NSW gives you a range of benefits including Personal Accident and Public Liability cover and access to ride events, retail products and legal advice. 

Applying to be a member of the BMCSF is easy.


Just complete the form below and we will get back to you to confirm your membership. Remember to tick agreement to the conditions of membership.


The conditions of membership include agreement to abide by the BMCSF Constitution and payment of an annual subscription fee.

The annual subscription fee is $10 for a single person membership or $20 for households. The Committee of the BMCSF are volunteers and use their own money and time to fund campaigns. Your contribution will help cover some of the costs which are incurred in building a better cycling experience for you in the Blue Mountains. 

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