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Faulconbridge GWH Shoulders

BMCSF campaign to widen road shoulders in Faulconbridge between Weemala and Bellevue Road to mitigate dangerous pinch points.


BMCSF campaign for road shoulders for on-road cyclists and an off-road shared path between Winmalee High School and Hawkesbury Lookout.


BMCSF is campaigning for a cycling network in the lower Blue Mountains that incorporates the Glenbrook Tunnel and Tunnel Gully Reserve.


BMCSF is urging TfNSW to construct an M7 Style Cycleway as part of the duplication of the GWH between Katoomba and Victoria Pass.


Arterial Cycleway Vision

BMCSF shares a vision for an arterial cycle route from the Nepean River to Lithgow. This route will be a combination of cycleways, designated local roads and GWH road shoulder or shared path. The BMCSF will work with TfNSW and BMCC to achieve this vision over time. The Lower Blue Mountains Cycle network and the proposed Katoomba to Vic Pass separate cycleway are part of this plan.


Peninsula Road, Valley Heights

BMCSF is campaigning to improve the safety of cyclists using the GWH at the intersection of Peninsula Road at Valley Heights  (Cnr of Bunnings and BP)

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